Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Around The Horn

Chris Bosh is facing a child support suit in the US.
I just hope that this is just an isolated incident and isn’t the beginning of The Shawn Kemp Story Part 2.

World Baseball Classic is now over and Japan is 2 for 2 and defended their title.I must say for a game that I had little invested in it was a great game and very close and exiting all the way and the last 3 innings were as intense and interesting as any MLB playoff game that I have seen since the 1995 World Series with my Braves in it.
a) Starting the game at 9:30 est and going into extra innings and ending after 1am is not going to be good for ratings...especially if the US arn’t going to be in the finals.
b) Is it actually the Asian Baseball classic?
c) will this ever become as big as say the Rider Cup in 20 years or does the US not care enough about it?
d) If Japan won this versus S. Korea, can we really call a Red Sox vs Braves final a “World” Series Matchup? At least each of those 2 teams has a Japanese player on the roster.

Jennifer Jones and Team Canada are 9-1 at the Woman’s World Curling Championships.

This is only mentioned because I am a fan of Ms. Jones and am always rooting for her to do well and move forward.

Pierre Lueders should be very careful if he wants to make it to the Vancouver Olympics.
With the injury history of Jesse Lumsden maybe he may net be the best person to hurl yourself down a hill of ice with.

Q: What do you call a Soccer fan with an IQ of 10?
A: Supremely gifted!

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