Saturday, March 07, 2009

Canada Falls To USA In A Thriller

Canada and the United States have opened up play at the Rogers Centre in the World Baseball Classic and it was a classic. The Canadian squad is a good looking group yet again. When you can throw out hitters like Matt Stairs, Joey Votto, Russell Martin, Jason Bay and former MVP Justin Morneau you know that you should be able to score some runs. The pitching is thin as all the big names aren't there for a variety of reasons and that could prove to be the difference. Despite that, today's 6-5 loss to team USA the team looked good. 40,000+ were on their feet for the last 3 innings and were ever so close to pull out an upset again this year versus the Americans.

As a Canadian, anytime you watch a team with the Maple Leaf Flag on it is tough to ignore and easy to root for. Whether it is Hockey or baseball, curling or basketball pride takes over. The only exception would be soccer because 1) They are not good, there is no real league or coverage for them so it is tough to associate or recognize them and 2) It is soccer so who is just wrong that during the course of wearing the uniform in play that when they do the customary crying and grabbing their leg after a fake injury occasionally a fake tear may fall on the Canadian Crest.

It was great to see an awesome emotional game not only this early in the year but just having baseball back on is a sight for sore eyes.


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