Sunday, March 01, 2009

NHL Trade Deadline 09

It is getting close to that time of the year when the NHL becomes a game of high stakes poker. With the trade deadline only a few days away GM’s are already looking at their team and where they are at and other teams on what they can get. The buzz words are all there ”buyer, seller, secondary scoring, puck-moving-defenceman, UFA (unrestricted free agent) and draft picks”.

TSN (TradeCenter 09) and Sportsnet (HockeyCentral Deadline 09) are all ready for a day of covering the happenings of the day, both going on the air at 8am until the 3pm deadline in hopes that there are an abundance of deals that take place to fill the time.If they take an hour to break down a 4th line player for a 5th round pick you’ll know it is a slow day.

Usually the Ottawa Senators are buyers at this time of year, but not this year they look to rid some money and some players and grab some youth and draft picks. Since they are not in the running to make a “right now move” the interest is in what they do with the players they have, who they get rid of and what they get in return. This is the angle that I am looking forward to, I am almost more interested in what draft picks get moved rather then some of the “big” names do. With the Word Juniors that was held in Ottawa and last years draft in Ottawa I have taken a shine to the young players and where they will end up.

With the inconsistent play this year the Sens have positioned themselves into probably a top 10 pick this year and it could be interesting to see what else they can get in the coffers.I am sure there will be plenty to have to say as Wednesday 3pm draws closer so stay tuned!

There is also another reason why I am interested in the developments not only going into the trade deadline but to see how the rest of the season plays out. Since the Senators are having an off year I have had the chance to look at some other teams and have come to the conclusion that I am in need of another team to cheer for. NO, I am not changing my allegiances from Sens Army, I will continue to Be Red, and plan to stay on the wagon. Teams can’t always be good (case in point my Atlanta Braves, 14 consecutive Division Champions, then a few years of sub .500 seasons). What I am looking for is more specific and perhaps a little more scientific.

Here is the criteria I am looking at, I don’t want it to be a front runner right now so it doesn’t look like I am jumping on a bandwagon, so teams like San Jose and Detroit are out. I have whittled the list down to probably 4 potential teams... in no particular order; Pheonix, St. Louis, Chicago, and L.A..

Over the next little bit I plan on posting Pros and Cons for each team before making a final decision. It would be helpful if you the reader would make a vote on the comments page as to what direction you think I should go and perhaps why. If there is another team in the West that you think deserves some interest by all means make a case for it. I will take it all into consideration when making a decision. Give me some feedback and if after the Pros/Cons changes your mind just leave a comment on those as well.


Eazy said...

Once you go Hab you will never go back.

Tom said...

I say Habs as well.

But if it has to be one of the four, go with L.A. They're young, and in about three years, they'll be dominating the west. You'll like a genius if you start cheering for them for the next three years. Chicago would seem like bandwagon jumping, since they're good now. Phoenix is disappointing every year. St. Louis is too injury-prone.

M@ said...


No one's EVER gonna accuse you of jumping on the band-wagon.

They have a ton of exciting players in Nash and Mason, good young prospects like Brassard, Voracek and Russell, and are sentimental favourites since they're the only NHL tem to never make the post-season. Plus you gotta give it up to Columbus, unlike Nashville and Atlanta, they seem to have a loyal fanbase.

Wow, the 'word verification' your blog is asking my to enter spells out 'famstrep'. Hope my family's gonna be ok....

Eazy said...

Speaking of odd verification words, my word now is "derack" which I think is the technical term for breast reduction surgery.