Friday, March 06, 2009

Senators-Oilers Game At The Bank

The final ticket from my World Juniors package came up last night when the Senators played the Edmonton Oilers. The "experiment" of going to games solo has been done and on the whole it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought. The first 2 Sens games were not the greatest games as far as the product on the ice, but the Junior games were awesome and an experience that was great both as a hockey fan and a Canadian. This game held It's own too and seemed to make up for the first 2 dud games. The fact that Dany Heatley scored and had a good game may play a large part in it but that is fine by me. I have come to the conclusion that going to a sporting even solo is ok but am still pretty sure that is still isn’t right to go to the movies alone, maybe I will tackle that sometime down the road.

As I have done before I have a list of what went down and what I have learned during this season long exercise.

1. Jason Spezza’s goal 12 seconds in (a new Senators record for fastest goal to start a game) started the game in the right direction. It looked like he used the Mighty Ducks style "Triple Deek" to score the goal. It was then that I had to check the Sens bench to make sure that it was Cory Clouston back there and not Emilio Estevez aka. Gordon Bombay.
2. As usual I was seated beside a young child, but this one was very well behaved and sat on her moms lap most of the game so that free up even more space on the side which was nice. Yet again I was next to a couple. It is without fail that that would happen so it didn’t catch me off guard, but that doesn’t make it right. She was pretty tiny and not-not attractive so that was good and there was decent room for legs and arms. I managed to get over that whole deal fairly early on and despite that still managed to enjoy the game.

To the dude in front: the term sitting on the edge of your seat is just an expression, don’t take it literally. If you have a big head sitting that far forward just impedes the vision of those behind you.

As it turns out I like free swag, even if it is a Sens Army streamer thingy. Unfortunately there was none last night which may have put things over the top but it is what it is.

Oiler fans have to come to grips with the fact that it has been 6 years since Mike Comrie was there and it is probably about time to stop the need to boo him every time he touches the puck. Maybe at this point it is more Lindsay Lohan fans that are booing him now because of Hillary Duff and not Edmonton fans, who knows. 6. Even with only 17,000+ in attendance still the usual 20min wait in the parking lot, I have come to grips with that and am not too bothered anymore, just more time to listen to the post game show...what I do hate is the people who weasel and aggressively maneuver their way into line and then not give a courtesy wave...common courtesy it isn’t too much for a quick wave.

In conclusion the World Juniors Ticket Package purchase looks to be a success both as a sociological experiment as well as from an entertainment standpoint. Getting to watch Team Canada play and getting out to watch a few Sens games....not too shabby.

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