Friday, June 26, 2009

Draft Day 2009

The Ottawa Senators are poised and ready to go with the number 9 pick overall in tonight's draft in Montreal. I don't know if a Dany Heatley trade is going to happen or not. There is a lot of speculation from - There is a team to beat and there is nothing out there. If there is a trade it will probably involve the 9th pick in some way, and I hope that it does. I don't care if they only move to 8 or move back to 10...just not 9.

My prediction is if they end up with the 9th pick they will probably end up with Nazem Kadri. One of the players that I don't realy was to see in Ottawa. The last time the Sens had the 9th pick was in 2005 in the Sidney Crosby draft and they selected Brian Lee. Who should they have picked? Anze Kopitar or Marc Staal, but probably Staal and I even said that when it happened. I think Kadri to the Sens would be a mistake even with an impending loss of Dany Heatley. In that area of the draft there is the possibility of Magnus Svensson Paajarvi , Oliver Ekman-Larsson or perhaps a Dmitri Kulikov or Jared Cowen (D). Any of whom I would rather see in the red, white and black.

The time is ticking down, what will happen, what big deals will be made? Have to tune in and watch, should be some good theatre at least. I hope that GM Brian Murray knows what he is doing and is able to get this team in the the right direction going forward.

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