Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick Hits

Buffalo Sabers owner Tom Golisano (67) is on my list as one cool guy. No it isn’t for his political dealings or his billions of dollars, or the fact that he owns a hockey team (though the money doesn’t hurt). No, it is the fact that he is reportedly with former tennis star Monica Seles (35). Asked if they were a pair, he wondered why reporters wanted to know but finally responded, "Monica and I see each other." ... She is looking great lately and seems to have a grip on the eating disorder she has struggled with in the past and that, that is just great.

Mike Tyson has been married for the third time. Tyson’s wedding comes less than two weeks after Tyson’s four-year-old daughter Exodus died tragically after accidentally hanging herself on a treadmill at her mother’s home.
I find this as an interesting time for these nuptials so soon after the tragedy with his young daughter. This may be a way to get some comfort and support from the situation or help in the healing and the grief but the timing seems quick. In any event best of luck to both him and his new bride.

The Blue Jays drafted a Canadian pitcher in the second round of the baseball draft. This could be a very good thing in terms of not only the ability of the player but the fact that they choose to grab a Canadian with a legitimate chance of becoming an above average player. This is both good for the team on the field as well as the team from a front office point of view. The Jays have had some Canadians in the lineup before but never a true star. Rob Ducey, Corey Koskie and Rob Butler are not headliners and truth be told Matt Stairs, though good is more of a journeyman. This pick could go a long way towards the Jays in fact becoming Canada’s Team by the fans and not just themselves.

Manchester United has accepted a transfer offer for Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. on Thursday, This allows him to negotiate personal terms with the Spanish club. The Premier League champions received an unconditional offer of 80 million pounds (C$145.2 million) for Ronaldo. Kind of puts the Dany Heatley potential move seem a little less off putting from a numbers perspective. Then again it is Footy and who really cares.

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Dealer said...

Also, the Jays drafted Tony Fernandez's son, who is also a shortstop. So ex! Hopefully the son will be in the Bigs about the time Tony makes his 43rd comeback with the team in 2015.