Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Agent Frenzy

Tomorrow is a celebration! July 1st, Canada Day. The birthday of our country. I hope that everyone celebrates or at least acknowledge it for what it is and appreciate how great it is to live in this great country. Many people for a long time have not only worked to make this country great but also those who have fought to keep this country safe and free. Happy Canada Day to all.

With that being said there is also another event that will be happening at the same time and that is in the form of Free Agency in the NHL. Usually there are a few big names that will go early...so early in fact that it would be impossible for it to be done legally. There is no way that deals can be struck within seconds at 12:00am but it is what it is, tampering doesn’t apply in this case I guess. (Suppose that the draft day deal between Calgary and New Jersey had nothing to do with Brent Sutter becoming free to coach the Calgary Flames). Once the big names start to fall it allows for some of the mid and lower level players to fit into place and teams can see where they stand leading into the summer and through training camp.

It is sure to happen that a couple players will get very overpaid by GMs who are feeling the heat from above and some teams who will make some shroud moves and go under the radar by just tweaking and those may become the most impactive deals that will be made.

I hope for the sake of my TV viewing and the 5 hours of programming that TSN has lined up from 12-5 tomorrow that it is some what eventful. Also linked to this will be my announcement of my Western Conference Favorite Team that I have still yet to divulge as I am really trying to do my due diligence between the final 2 teams on my list and the last chip to fall for that decision to be made.

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