Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Heat Is On Everyone Involved

So with the impending move of All Star, Superstar and Team Canada Rep. Dany Heatley from the Ottawa Senators there have been many things that have been put on hold. He has somewhat handcuffed the Sens and have forced them to shop his services and his contract to teams in the league. There are obviously teams that would be interested but it is a matter of either having enough room to make a deal, be creative enough to manage his salary into your own system and/or having enough to offer Bryan Murray in terms of an interesting package of players-prospects and picks.

Not only have they done this to Murray he has done this to me as well. Being a big Heatley fan I am probably am in the minority in the Ottawa area who still like the guy but he gave us 4 years, plenty of goals and plenty to cheer about. I have written him for an autograph and he came through and that was awesome! I met him at his book signing and got a copy of his book signed, also awesome and got a pic with him which was nice. I have also had the fortune of getting a autographed jersey of his as well so I consider that the tri-fecta. I am not going to bail on the guy for doing something that happen in all sports all the time. Where he is holding me back is until he is dealt I am concerned to name my official 1A favorite Western Team until his move goes through. I am not saying I am going to automatically start rooting for that team but I had narrowed it down to the final 2 and have previously made it clear that it was down to the LA Kings and the St Louis Blues. If in some way he goes to one of these 2 teams it may make a difference in my final decision. Until that goes down I may need to hold off before making a final call.

Pro scouting is hard! I just hope that by the draft that I can gain some direction but that is only a couple weeks away so we are on the clock. Work some magic Mr. Murray.

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