Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love playoff baseball

Watching the Red Sox v Rays game there have been a few things that I have noticed.
1) Tampa is a great TEAM with great speed, power, and pitching
b) Red Sox injuries have piled up and have all but sealed their fate and will likely be done for the season very soon.
3) BJ Upton and Carl Crawford are 2 guys that should be challenging Usain Bolt
4) Probably most importantly: Kevin Youkilis may have the thickest beard ever and though I think Dustin Pedroia should be the AL MVP Youk has won me over as being one of the smartest position players in the game. Off the top I can think of 3 great defensive plays that he has done to pick off runners and also sports a great bat. I never much cared for him before but i have come to appreciate what he does on the field. I liken him to the thinking mans player A.J. Prerzynski except less disliked...by a little bit.

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