Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World Series Game 5 1/2

Tonight might just be the conclusion to game 5 of the World Series...or maybe not. The Phillies might be World Series Champs...or not.
The series may be on its way back to guessed it, or not.

There are many factors one must be accounted for:
• With Barack Obama’s 30-minute TV spot with CBS, NBC and Fox may push the game just a little bit later, at this point I guess sure why not, just pile it on.
• It will be 30 degrees F at game time, that isn’t good for anyone
• Do they play the National Anthem? If so is it Patti LaBelle again and does her butchered version last longer then the game itself?
• Do they announce the players?
• Is there already guys warming up in the bullpen at the beginning of the game? Are any starters available to throw tonight?
• At what point do they stop serving beer? If it is in the mid 6th inning already most stadiums stop in the 7th
• How many people show up, sit down, and then get up to leave immediately to beat the traffic?
• Does Bud Selig make up some new rules midway through the game but not tell anyone, not the players, umpires, managers or announcers.

The question for the last few days has been who does this suspended game benefit more the Phillies or the Rays? We know that it hasn’t been the fans or the audience and probably many gamblers.
The answer is easy... The team that WINS.

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