Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh Captain, My Captain

Well looks like Daniel Alfredsson is going to be a life long Senator. Alfredsson has been signed to a 4 year $21.6 million contract extension. I thinks it is a great thing to ensure that the captain remains with the only NHL team that he has every played for. The number 11 will be in the rafters of Scotiabank Place not long after the 4 year deal is over. He will become the first player of the modern era in Ottawa to have that honour.

The only concern is that giving him a 4 year deal, you are giving a 36 year old a lot of money and a lot of term. I have less issue to the money but guarenteed on the books for 4 and a no movement clause is always a dangerous thing.The saving grace, of all people who would give you 100% for as long as he physically can, Alfie would be that guy.

I hope that there is still enough money out there, or i guess under the cap to get a true #1 goaltender somewhere within that 4 year span .

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Tom said...

I also blogged about this today. I'd be concerned with all the cap space tied up in four players (Fisher, Alfie, Heatley and Spezza). Plus Kuba, their only puck-moving defenceman is a free agent next summer, and there's no one to replace him.

So if the cap goes down, you'll have about $9 million to spend on a #1 goalie, a top puck moving d-man, and a top-six forward.