Thursday, October 02, 2008

NFL- Always entertaining, even off the field

Travis Henry is in trouble again, this time it is for something a little more serious then smoking some pot. He has been arrested in an alleged coke deal. A trooper and DEA agent stopped a car that was carrying six pounds of marijuana and about three kilograms of cocaine.
He should have stuck with his day job...which was apparently fathering nine children by nine women as stated in a child support case in Georgia. Looks like Henry is taking the role of the NFL’s version of Shawn Kemp.

Al Davis finally drooped the axe on Lane Kiffen.
In one of the more entertaining press conferences in some time by Davis he not only announced the firing but made it a point to systematically cut down Kiffen basically calling him a liar and a fraud. It may have been harsh, but no denying it was entertaining.
It may have only taken 4 months longer then it should have but it is done and the soap opera has come to a conclusion...or has it?...bummm bummm boooooommmmm.

Cardinals Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin has fractured sinus membrane.
This will come as no surprise to anyone who saw the "snot knocker" of a hit he took in last weeks game versus the Jets.
But in all seriousness it is good that that was the worst that happened as it initially looked like he may have suffered a serious spinal or neck injury.

Chad Ocho Cinco says that he loves the Cowboys, So much so that he says that he is going to score and Kiss the "Dallas Star".
Even T.O. must shake his head on this one. Maybe he should mention to chad that the "Star" celebration has been done and it isn’t worth the hit. Sure when Owens did it there was no kiss but Ocho Cinco needs to be more creative, the way he was when the Bungles were good that 1 year.


Anonymous said...

And boom goes the dynamite.

Tom said...

How is Chad Johnson going to kiss the star? He'll have to take off his helmet, which is a major penalty.