Monday, October 13, 2008

Young prospect dies during game

Yet another young hockey player has died. This time it was actually during a game. According to initial reports, Alexei Cherepanov collapsed on the bench after suffering a heart attack and was unable to be resuscitated. Cherepanov, a first round pick of the Rangers in 2007 was playing for Omsk in Russia in the KHL. It Seems to have happened way too often recently in sports and one might wonder why. Last year it was Windsor Spitfires captain Mickey Renaud, and it is a few years removed from Juri Fischer from the Red Wings who thanks to having a Defibrillator accessible was able to be revived. In Fischer's case he may never play hockey again but he is alive.
Just another reason to ensure that all areana's be equipped with this type of machine. Malls have them, sport venuse need to too.
Heart attacks of this nature are subjective and many times will be hereditary but it does raise the question of perhaps some of the supplements these kids are taking to get that edge to become bigger stronger and faster. Not illegal drugs necessarily but the Creatine and items of that nature. It seems to be more evident in hockey for some reason then other sports. Football has had there share of tragedies but it seems more a matter of heat and exhaustion. In any event it is just a sad situation that not only a great young player was taken away but also young life.

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Tom said...

I remember being shocked a couple of years ago when he fell so far in the draft, and Montreal didn't draft him.

A great talent, gone too soon.