Friday, October 31, 2008

Week 9 NFL Picks

Last Week was another great one a 6-8 sub-par performance. Week 9 is here and without further delay. Minnesota to just barely cover in a tight game
Jacksonville because Cincinnati doesn't want to win this year
KC played decent last week, and may keep it close
Cleveland just because they are at home
Buffalo in a bounce back game and Lynch should be strong
Arizona has Bolden back so the offence should be able to handle St. Louis
Detroit plays hard, just arn't good 13.5 is just too much to give
Tennessee looks strong and should keep rolling
Denver in a very tight game, Miami just won't go away
Atlanta with White, Ryan and Turner to score enough
Giants, as Dallas is just too banged up and Johnson starting again
Philly for Donovan to put up some numbers
New England to win outright
Washington at home with there cheerleaders being the 12 man


Tom said...

Detroit is on the road though. So far they've lost by 13, 18, 2 and 7 points, and lost to Chicago in Detroit by 27.

Tom said...

Also, the only loss by Chicago at home was against Tampa in OT. I think the Bears kill the Lions.

Tom said...

Ignore what I said about the Lions-Bears game.