Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week 7 NFL Picks

(Picks are in Red)
Tennessee because KC is just bad and Kerry Collins likes to throw
San Diego because LT have something to prove
Pittsburgh facing and ailing Carson Palmer
Miami because I have fallen under the spell of the “wild hog” or “Single Wing”
Dallas even with a banged up Romo or a healthy Brad Johnson should prevail over the Rams
Chicago, just because
New Orleans because of Drew Breeze, no other reason
SF just to keep it close
Houston because Detroit is Tera-Awful... a combo of terrible and awful plus no Williams or Kitna
Jets because I picked up Cotchery and Coles to fill holes due to bye weeks in my pool
Cleveland, looked half decent in the last game...finally
Indianapolis because they need to keep winning
Tampa because everyone in Seattle is hurt
Denver because the Pats looked exposed last week

Memo to these teams: Please do well I need a good week, this is starting to get embarrassing

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