Wednesday, June 04, 2008

After a brief hiatus The Blog is back and hopefully with a fresh objective view of all things sports.

Watching Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals I have learned a few things:

-Zetterberg is Money! Best all-around player in the league. Well deserving Conn Smyth winner.

-No blood, no foul

-Until you see 0:00 the game is not over and the Pens proved that

-Newfoundfand was mentioned more times on a US station then in a Grade 9 Geography class

-A stick doesn’t break it explodes, Ryan Malone’s nose didn’t break, it exploded. The only way to win is to to impose your will on the opposition and compete (thank you Pierre McGuire you are a monster)

-Kelly Hrudey looks like Val Kilmer

-Bob Cole is a Hall of Fame play-by-play man, but in the twilight of his career it is evident that he just doesn’t have it like he once did. That is why I watched the NBC coverage of the game...until the end when I turned to CBC to hear him call the end of the game as it is my understanding that Jim Hughson will be taking over first team duties next year.

Congratulations Red Wings that was some of the best hockey in a long time.

Next season can’t come soon enough!

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Bedwards said...

Bob Cole is so infuriating and senile, glad to see he will not be around next year. Good point on the exploding, I like McGuire but not sure about the explosions.
Also, imposing will is not great, as the star linebacker said on Jim Rome, if you have to rape a girl just to get her in bed, it's not really worth it.