Thursday, June 12, 2008

NBA’s Stern a little on Edge

You would think that David Stern would be happy with the Lakers playing the Celtics in the NBA Championship. Apparently not as much as one might think. After hearing an interview on the Drive on Fox last night with NBA commissioner David Stern, i have a new respect for Garry Bettman and Bud Selig, at least when they try to spin they can do it smoothly and without stuttering and say a lot without actually saying anything at all. After an innocent question regarding home court advantage and how a team can win by 20 at home one night and lose by 20 the next on the road, Stern went off! He called out Sean Farnham, kinda- by repeatedly calling him Seth, saying it was the worst question he has ever heard in all his time with the league. The worst part is he didn’t understand the question, didn’t answer the question and when Farnham tried to clarify the statement he said that the clarified question was still the worst question ever. He almost hung up mid call and sounded like he was in near tears. I understand he must be pressured with the Tim Donaghy allegations and the integrity of his sport and it’s officials but to break down on an innocent question, not involving Donaghy one must question either his ability to patrol officials or at the very least defend them in a half way decent and civilized way. For a man in that position he didn’t carry himself very professionally.

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