Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Throughout the Game

-Kobe can make any shot at any time, under any circumstances. He is the best player in the league.
-Ray Allen came out on fire after spending 2 days in the hospital with his son
-There seems to be more contact allowed then in an MMA match
- Pau Gasol is playing weak for a 7 foot man. Catch the ball with 2 hands, go up strong with the ball, make a shot once in a while. Even elementary kids know these fundamentals. I think he still believes he is back playing in Memphis.
-Rondo is actually playing like a vet and not a young gun shy kid
-Paul Pierce proves that it is a given that traveling is no longer in the NBA rulebook
24-20 Boston

-Baby Davis makes his first appearance in the finals - Davis hasn’t lost his Baby fat yet
- Ray Allen is still out with an apparent eye injury. After being so hot in the first how will his absence affect the Celtics?
- Rivers gets a “T”, how interesting would it be if he took another and was out of the game?
- Oh my... Gasol actually hit a shot!!
-9 pts lead for Celtics- someone took the lid of the Celtics basket
-Garnett is having a good game he just got a rebound with his head
-Allen is back on the bench...after actually being injured, unlike piece earlier in the series
-11 straight points for Boston..the series, the Championship is slipping away from LA
-Celtics have phenomenal ball movement, they have the ball on a string and are running circles around the Lakers

-If you can’t make a shot and can’t get a rebound the result is not favourable
-good team defence is tough to contend with, again, even more so when you can’t rebound
- This is beginning to get painful to watch 10:50 right now and may need to flip to the Daily show for a few minutes soon
-even the LA GM can barely stay awake
-apparently home court in the NBA is the most important thing you can have
-defence apparently does win championships

- The only good thing about Rondo playing well is E.T. (Sam Cassell) hasn’t gotten court time
-Good call by GM Danny Ainge to stick with basketball after being drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 77
-I have been using PJ Brown since Playstation 1 NBA Live 98, he was good then and is good now, even after quasi retirement
-admittedly i was rooting for LA but the best team did win and deserves to raise the trophy
-as you can see i have gotten away from game comments as it has been effectively over for some time now

Congrats to the Celtics..next up NBA Draft


Vinny del Negro said...

What an ex breakdown, it might be worth trying this unique style for future sporting events! I did not watch the second half so it was nice to get the details from this blog. Great post yet again, still is not letting the readers down!

Anonymous said...

...but I was let down.

Tom said...

I watched the whole game. It was a lot of fun.