Friday, June 13, 2008

New Boss in Town
Just before next weekends Entry Draft the Senators have their man and it is somewhat surprisingly one of the two front runners in the search. It was rumoured for a while it was a 2 horse race between Bob Heartley and Craig Hartsburg. Then as recent as 2 days ago it looked like Kitchenener Rangers coach Peter DeBoer was almost a lock. He went to Barbados to meet with Sens owner Eugene Melnyk. That meeting either didn’t go well or they couldn’t strike a deal that pleased both parties and now it is Hartsburg’s race to run. He enjoyed much success at both the Junior level and the World Junior tournament and also has NHL experience, something DeBoer does not. Maybe Hartsburg can bring some needed accountability to a team that lost its way late last season and limped into the playoffs only to get taken out like Eight Belles after the Kentucky Derby.
We can speculate on if this is a good hire or not but truth is, here in Ottawa, nothing means that much until May or June next year. On the surface it looks good, a good name for a Canadian Hockey Market and the fact that at no time was Brian Burke’s name linked to the job and they didn’t need a search committee with Gord Kirke that can’t be a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

This is my personal sketchbook and diary. Close those blinds.

Tom said...

I think it would have been nice if they didn't hire a monotone coach for once.

Eazy said...

At least Hartsburg doesn't have a lisp/speech impediment. Good insight in this post here, we'll see how the new bench boss fares in Ottawa.

The first thing he needs to do is clear out the cokeheads in the dressing room. That might take a while, but it would be a help I say.