Thursday, June 05, 2008

Point Shots

~ Apparently Dodger Stadium isn’t the only place where they are a little sensitive about lesbians kissing. Safeco Field in Seattle is unfriendly waters to the lesbian community as well. Last week a lesbian couple said that an usher at the Mariners ballpark asked her to stop kissing her date because it was making another fan uncomfortable. A similar incident happened a few years ago in LA. We all know that pro sports are not the most tolerant avenue in society, which is why no active male player has come out in team sports. Apparently that has crossed over the lines on the field and into the stands yet again. And if we have learned anything from Field of Dreams and Dr. Archibald “Moonlight” Graham...once you cross that line there is no going back.

~It would seem no good comes out of Seattle lately. Manager John McLaren Went off on a tirade that even Ozzie Guillen thought was over the top. Shades of “Playoffs, Playoffs” and “I’m a man, I’m 40!” come to mind. Sure it isn’t fun being in the basement of the league but that profanity laced explosion fingered just about every facet of his team. Doesn’t look like he will be around at the end of the season so I guess he wanted to get this off his chest while there was still a platform to do so.

~With Nicolas Lidstrom and the Red Wings victory last night, finally we can put to rest the myth that a European captain can’t win the Stanley Cup. Nope wait I guess we can’t has anyone heard him talk? He speaks better English then most born and bread Canadians.People think Dan Cleary hails from further abroad. There is not even a little bit of a Swedish accent there, none. He uses American slang and everything. It is a wonder that they even let him play for the Swedish National Team. Rumor has it that he gets ID’d when trying to enter an IKEA. Even they don’t buy it.

~Georgia high school fined after ump is hit by pitch- Sure we have all had that moment during a game that we become so enraged buy an umpires call that we just want revenge but the 2 kids that drilled the umpire in Georgia crossed a line when they drilled the ump with a fastball (possibly a 4 seam-er) in the grill. Sure he had a mask on but that will still rattle a few bells. No way was there a miscommunication or crossed up signals that were just a blatant, very transparent attack on an official. $1000 was probably too light a fine but at least someone did something.


Anonymous said...

I am very happy to see this blog back in action. Very happy indeed. As usual, ex points, love the line about crossing the line in Field of Dreams, very relevant.
I hope Lidstrom is not an IKEA shoplifter, as he'd be sentenced to selling 50 cent hot dogs in the cafeteria.
Great blog sir!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Chipper. This blog makes me so happy. Don't stop writing because I don't know what I'd do without your amazing sports knowledge. You are a sports writing legend. Giggity.