Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Classless - Even for New York
In a stunningly shameful move the Mets fired manager Willie Randolph , at 3:12 a.m. Eastern, with a press release after a game they had won, a day into a western road trip. The only things that was right about how they did this was that they didn’t do it on Fathers day. I am not a Willie Randolph fan and being a Braves fan, pretty much hate the Mets but that is one disgraceful move and a horribly unprofessional one.
Should Willy have been fired? Yes, his record was not good, he didn’t run the team well and was the head of a team that suffered the greatest collaps in baseball last year. Even still, he is a man and a pro and should have been treated as such. I once thought that Omar Minaya was a stand-up guy, but the Mets organization has made him look bad and have put him in a tough spot. Ownership is ultimately responsible for the way a team conducts its business and if that is how they treat their employees.

In the You Gotta Be Kidding Me! quote section, Mike Musina had this to say about AL pitchers. "...we run in straight lines most of the time. Turning corners, you just don’t do that."
What is this Zoolander? Cant turn left? Not an ambi-turner? Maybe should have just let this one slide Mike.


Alfredo Griffin said...

Oh Willie, sorry to hear this news. I too used to like Minaya, but after he could not sign my ball TTM, I had a bit of disdain, and after this, he is in my bad books. Willie was classic too, and I did love the collapse last year.

Anonymous said...

alfredo likes pennesis.