Saturday, June 21, 2008

Draft Day- One mans journey

The NHL entry draft was surely a trying time for many a young man. This is where young players from all over the world find out how their career will begin professionally and where they fit into the mix. No doubt there is a ton of anxiety. This is not restricted to the players, no-no. I too felt those similar feelings, but for a different reason. 2 weeks ago i went to the box office at Scotiabank place to get the free tickets that would gain me entry into the draft “sorry we are all out for the first round, i can give you tickets to the second through seventh round”. I took these tickets grudgingly just so i didn’t go away empty handed, but clearly i was displeased by my lack of success. The is not much happenings to see on day 2 live. There are little or no players, no tv coverage, very little fan fair and for me very little interest.
From there i tried to get tickets from various sources, co-workers, friends, friends of friends - nothing but the same response - nope nothing. There was some outside chance that i may be able to get one, but there were no guarantee's.
Draft day rolls around and still no access, i hear that there will be an autograph session on with 2 groups of the top 6 prospects to the first 400 people in line beginning at 3:30pm, so i figure get in on that and at least get something and maybe try the box office one last time. So a co-worker and i make the tour over to to “The Bank” at 3:30 for a late lunch as i anticipate there will be a fast run on the guaranteed wristbands. First we go to the box office and ask if they have any tickets for the evening festivities - Nope.
Then as we begin to walk away we hear from a small line that they may be releasing some tickets at 4pm, why the box office person didn’t tell us that i don’t know. We run outside to make the difficult decision which group do we try for 1 (Stamkos, Myers, Pietrangelo or 2 Doughty, Schenn, Bogosian). I opt for group 2 as i already had auto’s from Stamkos and Pietrangelo and Myers wasn’t as high on my list. Back to the box office we go and at 5 min to 4 they open up the tickets, we stroll up and get the duckets...just that easy. no problem nothing to worry about. All that anxiety wiped away. So back to the office we go to finish off the day, proudly with our wristband and our entry tickets to that nights draft. So in a mear 35 minutes - 2 weeks of anxiety and frustration are gone, the draft is now becoming a reality now just 1 hour back at the office and then it is back for some well deserved autographs...this is the end of phase 1 of my draft day experience, stay tuned for phase 2 to come!

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TTM partner said...

Very intriguing, glad to read about this. We did not make good plans to attend together so I am glad you were still able to go. We are planners but never executers. This sounds fun and I am glad it worked out.