Thursday, June 12, 2008

- Around the Horn -
Random selections over the last week or so.
Hopefully this will be a weekly Friday feature.

~How must it feel to be a $7M pitcher pitching Class A ball in Lakeland of the Florida State League. To the average fan it is easy...Awesome. To Dontrelle Willis probably not so good. Sure it may be nice to be back in Florida, the place that he was so effective and winning a World Series but Lakeland is a far cry from Dolphin Stadium a.k.a. Pro Player Stadium a.k.a. Pro Player Park a.k.a. Joe Robbie Stadium.
Are we looking at a total meltdown like Rick Ankiel or can he be fixed? At least with Ankiel he was a good hitter and still had a good arm, at least good enough to hit a cutoff man just not hit a corner-or a strike zone. Only time will tell if the D-Train can get it back on the tracks.

~Ouch...i think I tore my hamstring, nope just kicked a balled up piece of paper resembling a soccer ball and instinctively had to go down in a heap like I was in Euro 2008...or Paul Pierce in an NBA Finals game. Is it half time yet I am craving some oranges.

~Cedrick Benson has been released by the Bears. I suppose this isn’t that big of a shock. The former Longhorn running back has been a bust on the field and never had that break through season since being drafted 4th overall in 2005. With recent alcohol related arrests of late the Bears opted to part ways. But don’t worry Cedrick there is always a place for you with the convicts in Dallas with former Bear Tank Johnson and join the Rain Dance with Pac-Man Jones or if that doesn’t work out I bet the Argo’s will open their doors like with David Boston and Sticki-Icki Ricky Williams.

~THIS JUST IN- J.J. Reddick just declared himself eligible for this years draft after what seems like 8 years at Duke...check that, he has been in the NBA for 2 years now. Time just evades this guy, he must have that freeze time watch from that Adam Sandler Movie.

~Carlo Colaiacovo is again going into next season as a “Top Prospect”. How many years can a guy milk that and at what point does a team not realize that he is no longer a prospect but a concussion/knee injury waiting to happen. To put it in perspective his draft included: Ilya Kovalchuk, Jason Spezza, Marek Svatos and Marek Zidlicky. But no, he is progressing well.

~Most brittle player in Toronto...

Vince Carter - after every drive to the basket. this coming after he went from being a great franchise player to just a soft baller who only plays when he feels like it.

Kyle Wellwood - After breaking his foot playing, yep you guessed it soccer. Again no good comes from soccer.

The Toronto Jays - pick a player over the last 3 years, Wells, Overbay, Hill, Rios, Thomas, Ryan the list goes on and on.

Toronto FC- any given player at any given time as it is soccer and every player has been well versed in hitting the pitch while already clutching a knee or a hamstring.Looks like only the Toronto Rock have not made the list so far.


Anonymous said...

I like Barbies.

Vince Young said...

Ex, the Around the Horn segments are my favourite and I will look forward to them every week. The variety of news coverage is great. Soccer is bad and I say Vince Carter is the biggest homo in Toronto, though several Leafs could qualify.

Not pleased about Benson, he was ex with Texas in the Rose Bowl but is a little carried away now. When the Eyes of Texas are not upon him, he must feel the need to act up.