Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rocket Fuel

It has been thrown out there that in addition to steroids, HGH, his Congressional Committee testimony and his dealings with Brian McNamee, Roger Clemens has been now linked with the little blue diamond pill known as Viagra. There are various other questions alleged about him and not too long ago the looming question was regarding his relationship with formerly attractive country star Mindy McCready. Maybe that blue pill aided in throwing that slider toward McCready and John Daily’s Ex-wife (allegedly). The “Vitamin-V” doubles as not only a performance enhancing drug but a “performance enhancing drug”. It’s properties allegedly will aid in endurance and help those who are taking testosterone as well. Yes, yes it is all a rich tapestry. I just can't believe how far this once celebrated star athlete as fallen in such a short time. Feel free to draw your own conclusions and make your own jokes here. All I will say is he was only in the National League a short time, but this is the first time he has been accused of using a corked bat. That weak joke even hurt me a little, sorry.

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Rob Manuel said...

Love the corked bat reference, and this is why I read the blog. With no TV, I was not aware of this information, so thanka-you A Bit of Everything Sports for entertaining and informing me. The Rocket continues to be an embarassment. Cheating nonces are not good.