Tuesday, June 17, 2008


In a Series that has been billed as one for the ages, a throw back to the 60’s and 80’s rivalries, the 2008 NBA Finals hasn’t lived up to the hype. For a series with 3 great players (Garnett, Allen & Pierce) and the Kobe factor it hasn’t been the most exciting. To say that every game has been fairly close in the end does not represent the quality of ball being played. The inconsistency level is like watching a grade 8 game in a half sized gym with a low roof on one end...get shooting at that end and everything hits a light and nothing goes in, go the other way and you can’t miss.
Kobe has somehow been neutralized by Pierce, who isn’t even that good a defender and is allegedly on a hurt knee. (Hey Paul, Tiger was on a bad knee, you just watch too much soccer).
It will be interesting to see if the trend of the home team coming out on fire hold true in game 6 tonight, could make for some drama if LA can take the home crowd out early.
I just want to see a game 7 for the sake of more basketball, not for an epic game, not for history, just variety. There is only baseball from here on out for a while during the week so lets milk every game possible out of this otherwise lackluster series. This coming from someone not even getting a cut of the gate, parking or concessions so that is saying something for sure, just a run of the mill fan.
Enjoy game 6 and lets hope it goes 7 at the Garden!

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pele said...

Good setup, gets the reader more than a little excited for the game at hand. I am sensing from several of your posts that soccer is not among your favourite sports.