Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Coverage Of Sports

As many may be aware TSN, as part of their 25th anniversary has been on the road with their Sportscenter broadcasts hitting different city’s and towns across the country.
Kraft signed on as the title sponsor and is giving $25,000 to each stop on the trip to help in funding for various sports facilities. Great for TSN and great for the cities that were involved.

Today marked the day that TSN hit the "airwaves" for the first time in 1984 at 12 noon. This changed the way that people in this country could follow and watch sports. September 1 is a very significant day for all sports programming across the board. It is 30 years to the day for ESPN to hit the air as the first all sports programing network on September 1, 1979 as well as the 20th Anniversary for TSN’s french sister station RDS which came on September 1, 1989.

We may take it for granted now, having all this coverage of events and information at our fingertips but imagine a time when that wasn’t so. We can get a Jays game almost every night of the week and if there isn’t a game you can probably find a Red Sox or Yankees game picked up. Long are the days where you were lucky to get 1 game a week on a Saturday. Wide world of sports was where you would get to see a game and not always in its entirety. During the winter there is close to a game a week thanks to these channels. I don’t much care for the blackouts that they have for regional games. I think that If I am paying for 4 Sportsnet channels I should be privy to everything that they show just because I am in the Sens region doesn't mean that I don't appreciate watching a Calgary Flames game.. Just another of my major issues with some of the sports leagues and the CRTC. Having the option to see these events is still great to have even with the restrictions.

For the sports lovers out there, this is an anniversary that you should not miss and continue to honor each year!

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