Saturday, September 05, 2009

LA Temptation DL - Niki Ghazian

The nights are getting colder and the days are getting shorter and that is the signal that football time is upon us. Now I know that some people will focus on the CFL but that doesn't count. There is the NFL but it is still a bit away. Some others will mention the debut of the Friday night games from the Lingerie Football League but probably for a different reason. Football is football and all three have that in common but each game bringsits own element of entertainment. All three can involve some fun extra elements to a viewer...gambling of course, mind out of the gutters people. So above is a gratuitous photo, just because.

Ok now to the real business, which was, ah....oh yeah football. Kickoff has taken place in the ranks of the NCAA as of this weekend and already there has been some do-in’s a transpiring. On Thursday in the Boise St. game a player from Oregon, LeGarrette Blount lost his mind and did his best to go all Ron Artest and sucker punched another player not during the game but after the game, He then took a shot at one of his own players and then looked to get into the stands before being held back and taken away. So what was the start to his teams season may and should mark the end of his own season.

Some early Highlights
~ Notre Dame needed to start strong just to save face, they did with a 35-0 win
~ Michigan, which had the worst season maybe ever in Ann Arbour last year, allegations of NCAA practice violations and a coach involved in a legal Real Estate situation also needed a big win did so with a 31-7 win
~ In a huge upset not only to the team but for Heiseman candidate Sam Bradford as Oklahoma lost 14-13 to BYU
~ The #1 Florida Gators led by the chosen one Tim Tebow held on in a tight one 62-3
~ Unfortunately Ohio St. held on to win in a tight one over Navy winning by 4. Stupid Buckeyes

If this is how the season is going to go it should prove to be very entertaining and full of story lines...and we havn’t even mentions the giant elephant in the room, yep thats it the dreaded BCS debate which will sure to show it’s dirty little head, probably sooner then we all may want and/or think.

Enjoy the Saturday pigskin action, maybe the only sport where each regular season game can make or break any hope of a title opportunity!

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