Monday, September 07, 2009

The Day The Music..Err.. Local Sports Radio Died

It may be time to look for a new TEAM... No I am not talking about Baseball, Hockey, Football or Basketball...I am talking about Sports Radio.

They say that video killed the radio star, but for that to be true there would have to be a star to kill. That is clearly not the case on Ottawa’s Sports Radio, The Team 1200. This little rant/post comes on the heals of the news that there is another change-up in regards to the on-air “talent” that the station will be throwing out on the airwaves.

It is like the management is making a deliberate effort to kill the station putting at least 1 person on each show that make a 3 hour show nearly un-listenable. TGOR (Three Guys On The Radio) has a new look as thy seem to have effectively traded “Stuntman” Stu to BOB FM for former TEAM morning host JR. JR is a fine addition as he is polished and competent but the loss of Stu is not a good thing. If they wanted a good and strong morning show dropping the dead weight would be a good start. “Jungle Jim’s” return following the untimely death of Buzz was one of the worst decisions that could have been made and retaining him is not in the best interest of the station. At the time maybe a familiar voice may have been a good bridge while a new replacement could have been ok, but only in the short term. His inability to be entertaining and his delivery is less then desirable at least in the sports radio format. Steve is a solid radio guy and when he stays on the rails is effective and some what interesting. If they focused on sports and not demeaning the 3rd co-host all the time it would make for a decent show. The only saving grace is Pierre McGuire from 8:08-8:30ish.

Then there is Glen Kulka and Lee Versage the afternoon fill in’s an usual hosts of Over The Edge 9-Noon. Kulka may have done a lot in his athletic career and continues to do so in MMA but that does not qualify him to be a radio host. Radio is supposed to be theatre of the mind, not a headache waiting to happen. When it is a constant battle to use the right words, and not make up words, constant repetition of the term “ Most Defiantly” just drives one up the wall. There is nothing worse on the radio is a host that feels the need to get louder and louder to try to make a point when half the time he doesn't understand the counter position that either other host are making or the callers themselves. If they need that slot filled maybe throwing on the Dan Patrick Show would be a smart decision, he actually has real guests and actually talks about sports. If there is concern that there won’t be enough hockey talk with Patrick 9-12 and Jim Rome 12-3, that could be made up with the morning show and the drive show.

As far as the 3-6 show, The Healthy Scratches with Steve Lloyd and Jason York is actually entertaining. York may not be always be at the best but it is entertaining for the most part. Lloyd does a good job and actually sounds like he should be on the radio.

The 6-7 slot with the Petros and Money guy with Chris Meyers is un-listenable. All it is is one person yelling over the other none really having anything good to say...not a good collection of radio gold throughout the day. During business hours one can get real sports radio on the Internet but in the car during the commute there are very few options. It is getting to the point where satelite radio may soon be the only option.
At least with XM there is all NHL Hockey Games, NBA Basketball, PGA Golf, Indy Car, ACC, SEC, PAC 10 and Big 10 NCAA Coverage. Serius has some interesting perks, most notably NFL Football and NASCAR but that is about it and I don’t think that is enough to get the job done. With Channels that feature the likes of Hockey Night in Canada Radio, CBC sports, CFL coverage, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hardcore Sports leaves something to be desired.


Tom said...

I think Team 1200 needs more local programs, but I agree with Kulka. Absolutely horrible.

I never liked Stuntman as a sports host. It was hard to take him seriously. While he could take some ribbing, he seemed to go out of his way to allow the others to make fun of him.

I'm kind of looking forward to the new morning show. I agree Jungle isn't as good as he once was (I think it's gone to his head, so he tries to be over the top now, which isn't good). But now TGOR is the original three guys, so they can all hold their own. When it was these three was when it was the best. Hopefully, it can go back to that.

Kiwi said...

On day one of the "New" TGOR I don't see much change. Three thirty-something guys acting like 14 year olds in the locker room. If it doesn't get any better then bring back the ESPN or FOX Sports shows with people who can talk sports and have informed opinions. There are so many other sports personalities in this city that could do a better job part-time, such as Terry Marcotte. He has a great voice and knows the Ottawa sports scene inside out.