Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2 NFL Wrap Up

So after a solid first week I have come crashing back to Earth. The record has taken a hit after some tough games and some tough point spreads. There was a few calculated risks that did not come through and some outright brutal picks. After all the dust settled I was the proud owner of a sobering 5-11 record.

Need to pull things back to respectability this week. After having it handed to me I need a moral victory to get this ship righted. After 2 weeks of watching teams maybe that will help figure things out going forward. Lets hope anyway.

Who said that parody in the NFL is a good thing?


Tom said...

You mean parity, not parody.

Unless that was an intentional pun.

Eazy said...

The 5-11 is a little on the disappointing side, but like every good gambler, get back on the horse that just tossed you and go for glory!! Either that, or get back up on the porch with Chris.