Sunday, September 13, 2009

Idiot Plays Proline...Wins and Loses

Despite my better judgement I played 2 tickets, just to dip my toe into the water as week 1 is always an unknown. First ticket was a success, just a conservative cover my ass ticket that I usually get screwed over on by a last second Field Goal. Payout was small but the satisfaction was huge.

Now onto the lesson learned portion:
Measure twice cut once - - Always check your work and so on and so fourth.

On another modest ticket that was to be played I got all the games right! This is like...I can't put it to words!! HOWEVER...selecting on the submitted ticket game 6 instead of game 8 makes a huge difference. In the game I thought I was betting on I had Minnesota over Cleveland which was correct the game I actually selected I had KC Chiefs winning by 4 over Baltimore that was not going to happen the ticket was done before kickoff. In KC's defence the were tied 24-24 late in the 4th giving a little false hope into a big payday but I knew it was nothing but a pipe dream.

Lesson learned- until the next time. At least I recouped my loss and came out a very little ahead...$2.60 is still $2.60!!!

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Taxguy said...

Wow, mark it on the calendar! I know this is a landmark day for you sir. Good job -- money earned is money earned which equals more funds to spend next week.