Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week One Picks Wrap Up

So on the first week of NFL Football picks versus the spread I came out above .500 and that is a pretty good start for me. For the weekend games I went 9-6 but I also got the Thursday night game wrong so that brings the grand total to 9-7. With that record in the NFL I would be right on the cusp of making the playoffs. It is a good start and hopefully I can build on that success next week and get a little better each week.

Where I got into the most trouble was expecting too much from New England, San Diego and Indianapolis and underestimating Mark Sanchez of the Jets.

The way I figure it I wouldn't want to do any better on week one. I now have some room to get better, you don't want to set the bar too high too fast and have the Tiger Woods syndrome(where you may do good by other peoples standards but bad compared to yourself). Plus If I had done any better I may have been able to convince myself that I am better then I really am at picking games and I should play more Proline. Like they say on the commercials "Know your limit, play within it"

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