Monday, September 21, 2009

First Sens Game Of The Year

After attending the Ottawa-Montreal pre-season game on Saturday night there are a few things that I have learned:

~Most Montreal fans are obnoxious, not all, that would be wrong to say as I know some good guys that like the team. Knowledgable fans are ok but seem to be in the minority. Heck before he Sens came along I have to say the were my favotite team. Maybe it is more the natives from that province that are the problem.

~ There are few things more annoying then stupid fans that don't know when and more importantly when not to sing the Ole Ole chant.

~ Full parking price for pre-season games should not be enforced

~ It is pre-season for everyone...especially the lady at the concession stand who had a lot of trouble working her cash register, pouring beer, giving back not only the correct change but any change at all ,and most importantly, there is in fact a difference between Canadian and Coors Light and when one orders a Coors they in fact would prefer a Coors. Granted a beer is a beer and not something to be wasted but when it comes to personal preference getting what you ordered would be a nice touch.

~ The free Pizza at Pizza Pizza only apparently applies for a 24hour period...therefore a Saturday night 6-1 is good for pizza on Sunday not Monday as well. Even if their pizza isn't that good to begin with, when you expect a free slice it is disappointing when there is no pizza to be found.
Now I am just hungry and bitter

~ The line of Mike Fisher Peter Regan and Nick Foligno proved to look pretty good. If Regan can stick with the club we may have a nice little line combo, If not maybe Nick and Mike can work well as a combo.

~ Erik Karlsson was a + 3 and looked not at all out of place. He seemed to handle the puck as well or better then any of the other Sens blue liners - him making the team may not be a bad thing at all

~ Erik Karlsson may make the team....Brian Lee is in tough to make the team out of camp as he was a) not drafted by the Murrays b)He is on a 2 way contract C) there are a lot of bodies already on the back end and d) his mane isn't Marc Staal...the player they should have drafted with the 9th pick that year

~Sitting in good seats kind of spoils you, especially when you know the next time you go to a game it will be up in the 300's again, wedged in like you are in a can of sardines...without the oil

~ Most importantly when you take a broad to the game and she wants to go meet up with a friend for a minute in another section for the love of god go to the washroom first before she leaves. If you don't you will be stuck standing in the hallway holding a very effeminate Teal purse doing a little dance in one place in extreme agony waiting for said person to return. Not to mention missing the beginning of the final period...lesson learned I suppose... but let me assure you I am no further ahead for gaining this knowledge after I needed to know it.

All in all a good experience for the first game of the season. Hopefully I will be able to get to more and they will be good games. Taking in games in person is always a good time.

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Eazy said...

Careful of the broads at the game situation. As Will Smith said, girls ain't nothing but trouble. But did the teal match your eyes?