Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Hits

After a big win in the Big House my Michigan Wolverines have made it back to the cover of SI (look real close, top right corner). After a year of dread they are bag in the top 25...Sure it will likely only last a week or two but after the last couple years a 2 week rise to the top is worth celebrating. Wow, what a sad state of affairs when a 1" pic on the cover of SI is monumental.

John Tavares made his debut with the Islanders last night and was left off the scoreboard. I have heard more then one of the so called sports people say he disappointed by not scoring. Good lord people settle down. He's 18 in his first game action and it is only pre-season. I know that he comes in with high hopes but lets be realistic about what he is going to do and how quick he is going to come along. It took Steve Stamkos half a season to get his stride and Bobby Ryan (second pick after Sidney Crosby) played his final year in the OHL and then time in the AHL before he started lighting it up with the Ducks.

In soccer news, guys ran around, balls were passed back and forth and a bunch of players fell down in what appeared to be in immense pain - only to be back playing minutes later. In one game there was even a few shots taken and a couple actually went in....crazy all the action.

Kerri Walsh recently made a call to her Olympic partner Misty May-Treanor and the two have decided to pair up in the Ryder Cup style beach volleyball match. Though Misty may not be at 100% it will still great to see the two of them playing side by side again.

The sooner baseball can get to the playoffs the better. When we can get to a time where all the games count and every pitch is more important then the last the more exciting things will be. When you are at the end of September the majority of the games are basically garbage time...Time to bring on the playoffs!!

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