Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up...Sunday Edition

As you are all aware based on my post regarding Saturday’s day in sports, Sunday was not to be outdone. It was the “true” kickoff of the 2009 NfL season with a full slate of games...a jam packed lineup. There was a lot of games that ended in blowouts or at least double digit wins. It may not make for the most entertaining of games but for week one any NFL football is good football. You can take notice that I didn't include any CFL updates as there would need to be something REAL BIG to happen to justify the space.

~ There was one of the craziest finishes in the Denver-Cincinnati that you will see in football when a tiped ball on a Hail Mary at the end of the game resulted in a crushing loss by the Bungles errr- Bengals.
~ In Green Bay Aaron Rogers went old school Brett Favre and orchestrated a late comeback to take down the Bears (Jay Cuttler threw 3 INT in his debut after being the toast of the off season and Brian Urlacher dislocated his wrist and may be lost for the year...not a good start).
~The Lions were the Lions and went to 0-18 as predicted.
~ Mike Vick was in a box watching his Eagles teammates and had a good view of Donovan McNabb going down with a injured and maybe broken rib...he has 1 more week for his suspension then maybe week 3 you may see Vick under center. That could be very interesting for both the Eagles and the NFL.
~ Rookie Matt Sanchez was solid in debut as Jets stymie the Texans...just another USC QB Standout. They may now be the second best QB factory next to Michigan - high praise indeed.

There was also some tennis being played and it was in the first mens Quarter Finals that there was a pretty big upset. #2 Rafael Nadal was taken down by #6 Juan Martin del Potro 6-2, 6-2, 6-2. Nadal was looking to complete the career Grand Slam but fell short and will have to wait at least another year for a chance at the US Open. del Potro was just to much for Nadal and will go on to play in the finals on Monday, weather permitting.

#1Roger Federer took on #4 Novak Djokovic in the other Quarter Final. Federer prevailed with a 7-6 (3), 7-5, 7-5 victory sending him to the finals. Federer is going for his 5th straight US Open. I guess that it wouldn't be a US Open without Roger in the finals.

Tiger Woods coasted to a runaway victory at BMW Championship Not surprising when pretty much lapping the field...It turned into a tournament for second place

What was overlooked on my Saturday summary was the Hall of Fame induction speech by Michael Jordan. Many have criticized him for being petty, arrogant and for lack of a better term putting himself on a pedestal looking down on everyone. There was no evidence of him being humble and talked about as much trash in his acceptance speech as he did on the court. Not a classy move but I guess we can’t expect any more from a guy who was never a team player and was known for berating players and teammates alike, trying to get guys traded and demanding that people be fired. In the book the Jordan Rules it give a true look at the kind of person that Jordan really is... detached from reality, not willing to let go and being stubborn and defiant until the end. I liked it better when I didn’t know what he was really like. The image of greatness I remember was much more pleasing.

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